January 15, 2008

Early vacation

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Despite the upheaval at work, and the uncertainty of my even having a job by the middle of this year, I decided to take a week off, here in mid-January. The weather is supposed to be wonderful, and we have so many things to do on this property, as well as research for a new career.

Since I am just learning about blogs, I think I will try to upload some of my art today. I just learned what a ‘side-bar’ is, I think that will be handy since I like writing about different subjects. I would like to have a column about gardening in Redding, California, where I live.  I might even want to have others that deal exclusively with the many different things I am involved in. I can see that I have so much to learn about blogging, websites and overall presence on the internet.

I am a insular person by nature. While I have been content focusing my life on my interests, the world had run by leaps and bounds away from me, and I am not so sure I really want to face it. I was reading in Doni Greenburgs’s blog about some of the dirty doings people do in their blogs. So, it would seem that this medium can certainly bring out the worst in people; catty, vindictive, rumor-mongering, low-blows, tit-for-tat, jealousy, envy, etc. The faces I see everyday may smile at me to my face, but slander me behind my back.


A good name is your most precious commodity. It is a value much maligned in this scene today. Honesty, good-will, patience, forebearance, unselfishness, building up instead of tearing down, helping out instead of backstabbing. These things really are more precious than gold, or higher views of your blog, or than any fame you may acquire because the the dirt you deal. Grow some character. Grow up, period. It will matter someday, and at a time least expected and most desired. To be found acceptable in the time of testing will be your greatest achievement.

Looks like some have missed that lesson.


Today I want to show off a bit, with some of my more favorite pieces of clip-art I have made. Froggy comes from an editorial cartoon I made many years ago for a story on the deluge of rain we had that winter. His resigned and disgusted look always makes me smile.


If he works, I’ll be back to post more. <he looks a bit rough around the edges. Any help in making art sharper looking is muchly appreciated!>

After all, I have all week off!


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