January 18, 2008

Wandering the Path of Indecision

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ladybugA week spent and still no closer to knowing what I want to do for a career. I also haven’t figured out how to make my art images crisp and clear on this blog. My little lady bug looks like he’s a bit moldy.

Its funny, I have been involved with advertising for over 25 years, half of that doing my craft on computers, but I sure haven’t kept up with the electronic age. Heck, I had never even read a blog until the week I created one, just last week!

Where I work, we went through the online tutorials for creating Flash ads for our online department, and then we never really got to use it. I would be hard pressed to create a completed file in Flash, today. But, this place was always sort of backwards in their operation. We became involved with PCs instead of Macs, CorelDraw instead of Adobe. Both choices worked great–for us–but trying to send out any files or receive ads from other sources proved a frustrating task until Acrobat came to the rescue.

Now, we are trying to switch horses in mid-stream, they’ve purchased licenses of the Adobe CS3 for us, even despite the fact they’ve told us they’re outsourcing our jobs. So, let’s see, we have inexperienced mid-and upper management trying to garner points upstream-without regard to the employees, revenue down, bad company image with the public, an axe hanging over the whole creative department, revamping what was a well-oiled, well-developed, smooth-flowing work path, all the while doing it in a new graphics program.

Sounds like a good plot for a movie. Except for the prerequisite love interest. I don’t have a clue about any of that because I don’t pay attention, but I’m sure that is in there somewhere. 😉 I know its not me!

It makes it doubly hard to think about new things when at home there is so much to do. We spent the whole day, yesterday,  rototilling with a rented tiller. That adventure is worthy of a post all unto itself.

We arrived at the rental place towing a trailer, but the tiller comes with a trailer. After going home to drop off our trailer, we get back to realize that neither of us have our driver’s licenses, nor our cell phones. That made it hard to get the tiller rented, but we managed to get it set up. Then, when we went out to hitch it up, we realized we didn’t have the right size ball hitch for the trailer. We leave to go home and get one, but made it part way back home to realize that we don’t have the needed 2″ ball, anyway. Back we go to the rental place and cancel the order, because I am getting a bit frazzled at this point. Half an hour later we are back at the rental place after finding a ball, close by, at Harbor Freight. Finally, after all that, we get home and my mother came and told us, in tears,  she couldn’t get her brand new Honda Civic hybrid started, nor could she get the garage door to the shop open so she could use her old car, so she missed her doctor’s appointment. She couldn’t get ahold of us because we didn’t have our cell phones! Argghhh!

This is the sort of drama I was trying to take a vacation from!

But! I can say in all honesty, even after that comedy (and tragedy) of errors, it turned out to be a wonderful day, frayed nerves were soothed, apologies made (for all the bickering and short tempers), the day was beautiful and we were able go get a lot accomplished. When the day was done, I wandered back at the corner of the property, and sat up on the old iron and wood bed of my ancient 45 Chevy dually, and watched the lengthening shadows and golden sunlight glow on the line of cottonwood trees, the pink hued willows at the creek, and a gibbous moon in the darkening sky. The sun set on a good day, after all.

While taking my turn at the tiller, I came up with some ideas for making money from the garden, growing dried flowers and decorative grains for the florist market, perhaps growing vegetables for the local farmer’s market. Anything to keep me home.

columbineI think I would rather sell all my possessions than to go back to work, that’s how much I hate that place now. Trouble is, I really don’t own a lot of expensive things. Most of my wealth went out the door in my troublesome 10 year marriage, along with a lot of other people’s money. Ah, I tried to warn them not to loan my ex any ‘seed’ money for business ventures… Perhaps that is also why I balk at starting my own businesses. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from his vain attempts. But, the taste is bitter, yet, the situation I face at work. I want to succeed, I need to succeed.

Everybody wants me to stay home. Can I pull it off?



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  1. undercanopy said,

    The images look great on my computer. It must have to do with the cool graphic card I recently installed. I love the little bug.

    Well, my company is also facing downsizing and outsourcing. I might end up staying home, whether I like it or not. 🙂

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