January 20, 2008

I Want to Make Children’s Books!

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lovemyhouse03.jpgLast night, when I stopped to think about what I would really love to be doing with my talent, it occured to me that I wanted to create children’s books.

I have story ideas and characters that go back decades, in fact I was pulling some of them out of the mothballs today. I did finish one book, it was for my nephew David, then five years old, written to pique his interest in reading. He and his twin sister were very far behind other kids the same age because they had lived in such squalid conditions before my mother and I rescued them. He just didn’t think he would ever learn to read.

I made the simple book with simple, primer lines and illustrations that were tailored to his love for the color red and for spaceships. David travels to Mars in his spaceship, where he encounters a red frog, a red martian, and brings his sister back a red flower from Mars. It was a hit, and David enjoyed his story for a long time, and even pinned the pages up on his walls.

daves-red-frog02.jpgThis was Dave’s favorite character, Dave’s Famous Red Frog from Mars.

His sister also had a book in the works, a much more involved piece, since she was more advanced at reading at the time. Unfortunately, about a third of the way through it’s creation, she involved herself in a streak of stealing from me, and I left off finishing it. This character is Haavila, the octopus that saves her from the killer whales when she falls in the ocean:


I see that there are a few books out there that cater to those of us looking to break in to the world of children’s books, even a ‘Children’s Books for Dummies’!  

beas02.jpgI have ideas for all ages, and in all sorts of styles.  naia3.jpg

Wow, I finally have a direction to go! I don’t know if it is going to work for me or not, but its time to pursue my dreams.


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  1. leafless said,

    Based on what I have seen here, you would make a wonderful writer/illustrator of children’s books. 🙂

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