January 27, 2008

Home Office Fun and More Rants

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This is my most favorite photo I have ever taken. It is my cat Xiao peeking out of the tirewell of my Nissan Pickup.


Today I bought a printer for my home office.
I don’t suppose we did enough research for our purchase, and it wouldn’t have mattered, because even the ones I had picked out so carefully while reading the Sunday paper, were quickly passed up for shiny new buttons and promised features, and after a bit of the usual bickering that often goes on between my ‘oldest child’ Jason and I, whenever we have to exchange opinions, I decide that I liked the Kodak printer, model ESC5500. It will probably be a model that promptly self-destructs on the 1001st page printed, but it does everything I wanted it to do, color prints at a fair resolution, print envelopes, scan and fax, plus the bonus of printing what seems to be really good photographs.
The bad part was, is that I had to order it since they were sold out, most likely from a big blowout sale I probably missed by a just a week. That happens to me a lot. I don’t read advertisements so I don’t look around until the need arises. Same thing happened with my purchase of the sound system for my computer-go in pick one out-and hey, it was $20 off the week before!  My shopping saving savvy is somewhat lacking. So, no instant gratification for me today, no fussing with USB cables or fumbling with the little strips of tape at the tops of the toner cartridges. That fun will come later.
It was a wonderful day for staying inside, and it has to be really storming to keep me in. The dark billows of cloud sped northward and spatterings of wind driven rain beaded up on my windows. Then the wind arrived, blowing hard out of the south, off goes my lawn chair and table, again. I bring them back and stow them away until its safe to come out again.
I spent most of my day creating a spiffy, eye-catching resumé, and matching envelope. I set up my hard drive folders and arranged all of my art and photos. Wow, I have a lot of files!
Since it doesn’t seem like the get-the-office-cleaned-out-and-set-up-for-an-real-office project is going to get started any too soon since that would entail Jason having to ‘move out’ of his hide-out and loafing room, I bring in an old office chair I have sitting around out in the shop to sit on  instead of the very uncomfortable vanity stool, and put a wood TV tray out to support my mouse arm.
It is a bit more comfortable now, but wish I had an ergonomic team! This won’t suffice for long, even my keyboard has to sit in my lap!
It’s been a good day, though. A comfortable day. The dreadful week to come is still hours away. I work for hours on the computer but get up and do a bit of laundry. I even find time to band our three new baby lambs’ tails, and since they are males, their testicles. Sorry, fellas. Don’t mean to make you squirm, its just another one of those things that has to be done, if you are raising sheep. The tiny, thick green rubberbands constrict the affected parts and they just dry up and fall off in a couple of weeks. Ouch. The sheep business is going to shape up, too. We will either pay closer attention to production or perhaps sell them to buy calves to raise. When I am home I will have more time to devote to it, at any rate.
I spoke to Philbert about new business ventures, today. Some promising leads and ideas. We groused about the sad state of affairs at the newspaper. He rounds out my understanding of just what the hell is happening to the paper. The two biggest reasons for these sordid conditions is that the original creators of the newspapers have finally all died off, and we went from being a share-holder company to a stock-holder company. (?) I may be wrong on the whole concept, because I am not sure I understand it, but the bottom line for me is that it is now a beast-entity, soulless, cold, indifferent. The decision makers that call the shots have no knowledge or care about anything other than their master, that age-old evil–the love of wealth.
sserpentha02.jpgWith that as your goal, you will do things to yourself and, to others, that caring, loving and ethical souls would never even consider.  You will sell yourself, one way or another, hurt many innocent people in the process, cause gratuitous harm, replace quality with cheapness, get rich, have lots of goodies, and then?

Some say everyone will make an account of their lives, at a certain point in time. Maybe so, maybe not–but I’ll trust in the certainty of it, and will do my best to live for the promise of it.
Seems to me that a clear conscience and a pure heart and mind are worth more than a bank account, extravagant house, elegant car or the one-upmanship with all those inflated, shallow-spirited, empty people that will end up being the friends and colleagues in your life.
I sure do dread the days ahead, everyone at RS seems to have lost all hope of any good to be found in the future. We worked so hard, we put so much of ourselves into our work, our tasks, to perform what we believed in–in giving a quality product to please our neighbors, our families and friends, whatever was the facet of it we produced.
It’s all gone now, our herald to our community is being gutted out and trashed by carpet-baggers and liquidators.
As I called my very first post, it seems truly, ‘The death of a good newspaper’.


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  1. sweetiegirlz said,

    Lovely kitty picture!

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