January 28, 2008

Sawing off the limb you sit on

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This is a quick little cartoon I did today, which is one of a series having to do with the injustice and insult at outsourcing your life’s work.

This one is called: ‘Sawing Off the Limb You Sit On’, which is how I feel at sending out all of my well tuned art files and carefully designed ads. I am teaching others to do my work, and then I will be discarded. Or, worse, I will stay at a job that has stripped away everything I ever enjoyed.

OR, I will forge ahead and make a name for myself and let my imagination run wild.

I like that last choice best.



.                                    embrace023.jpg

This next image I call ‘Embrace’. It is a pencil doodle (yes, truly) that I did while bored one day. Wish I would use good paper when I start this stuff, this was drawn on typing paper!



colorrazz02.jpgAnd, of course, anyone who knows me well, knows about my alter ego, my mascot the Razzit! She has been with me for a good 35 years. Doesn’t look a day over 7!


So, that is it for me today. It was a very grueling day, but spending it in almost constant prayer certainly helped me weather it and refrain from crabbing at those around me..

I am home with my family, my dogs, my fish, my plants and my lambs, and happy to be so..

May doors open for me, may my direction be clear, may I prosper at what comes to my hand.



  1. I was hoping to find someone with horrible sketches to make mine look… better. Wow! I am so unworthy.

  2. Your work is beautiful. There’s a sense of wonderment that touches people. Thanks for sharing.

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