January 30, 2008

Too Pooped to Pop

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I feel bad about not staying and working overtime. I feel bad for those who still stay and put up with it. When my mother calls me and is in tears because she just can’t cope with trying to raise 12 year old twins, I know that I just need to be home. A choice has to be made what is most important to you, your family (and your health), or your job.

Family wins out. Somehow, someway…

This is a sketch of one of our first really nasty ad directors, my buddy, pat bridges. See that baseball he has in his clutches? He would stand there and bounce it off of the wall next to you while he was talking to you.


Nice chap.

I hear he got sent up to Alaska.

Poor bears.

This next image is another ‘doodle’ on typing paper. I had been reading about UFOs and such, so I guess that’s why the saucer is there. It started with the cloth draped over the branch and just went from there. Jewel, my rottweiler is there, a raven, who is a symbol for Rook, a character in a story I am writing, modeled after Jason, an owl, since we have beautiful owls at our place, and an odd oak tree, I love my oak trees. All in all it really means nothing, just fun with texture and shape.




  1. leafless said,

    That’s one unhappy bear. Ha ha! 🙂

  2. Poor bears indeed. He was not a pleasant person to work with either. He used to come to our area, uttering all the “Management Training” greetings, but never listening to our replies. So I just started making stuff up; no effect.

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