February 12, 2008

Grab a shovel and dig your own grave.

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Here’s another cartoon from the series I have aptly named ‘Tales of the Disaffected’.

This one’s caption is ‘Grab a shovel and dig your own grave.’ Going along in the vein of disgust at working yourself out of a job.

Hmm-mm, I like how I can draw myself many pounds thinner 🙂

Many of my coworkers are still putting in loads of overtime, it seems that the deadlines are never met, anymore, whereas when we did them as we knew best, we were seldom late for pressrun. In fact, we usually were days ahead.

Imagine that, a job well done, a product well crafted, client’s money well spent.

You can kiss that off from now on. Sorry, customers.

I received an ad last week that made me blow a gasket. It was a complicated ad, that much I admit, but when I received it back from outsourcing (and even went through our ‘proofers’) I found perhaps 10 to 12 misspellings, some very blatant and just sloppy, inexusable design and layout errors.

If I hadn’t given it a glance over, that ad would have been a printed embarrassment and likely a make-good. In the good old days we managed to get out well designed and largely error-free ads every week. Dang, they even won awards every year.

Tain’t gonna happen much anymore.

Just like a corrupt and bankrupt country, where all the talent, ethics and pride of work move on to better haven, another well-known personality at work has given notice of leaving, this week.

Its not the rats that are abandoning ship,  the rats are the ones foundering it on the shoals of corporate greed.


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  1. RAT ON!

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