February 14, 2008

A bit of whimsy this time.

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Most of you Philbert Phans know his wacky style of art, and his self-portrait monkey guy (yeah, I know, Mr. Giggles, it was modeled after you, and a fine looking chimp you are, at that) but my version of Phil is ‘Wooph’.

.                                                      wooph02.jpg

We’ve known each other and worked next to each other for many years, even mistaking each other’s art for our own on many occasions (scary) This time, I am going to step aside from my usual rants, and present a little gem that has been mine alone for some years, I want to share it with the world for the first time. A long time running joke betwinxt Philbert and me, is my almost (well, no, it IS) obsessive love of gardening, ‘digging holes’, and a reference to a certain bovine that went for a dip in my swimming pool one day (but that is a story for another day). After sending an email to work poking fun at everyone having to be there and work, and me being home doing what I love best, I received this email in response:


Kung-Pow Pork: How To Spend A Day Off

Got up this mornin’ at 4 am, grabbed a shovel and pick, and after
fishin’ livestock outta the pool, I set to diggin’ myself a hole.
Figgered I’d dig til I hit…well, China. Got a hankerin’ for some Kung
Pow Pork…figgered they’d have some there…and what’ll work up an
appetite better than some good old fashioned hole-diggin’? The answer to
that eternal question is…Nuthin’. Nope, nothin’ like diggin’ yerself a
hole and then havin’ a big ol’ helpin’ of Kung Pow Pork…maybe I’ll lay
some PVC pipe as I dig and then I might be able to talk one them Chinese
fellers into pumpin’ some Kung Pow straight on back to the homestead
every once in a while…save me some diggin’…not that I mind diggin’
mind you, but I figger if I give that Chinese feller a dollar (I heard
tell that one of our dollars is as good as two or three trillion of
their dollars so I bet he won’t mind pumpin’ the Kung Pow a couple of
times a week) that I’d save enough time to start another hole. Maybe a
few feet to the left of this one. Shoot, if I get fired up enough on
that Kung Pow I might just hang a right and get me some of that lasagna
over there in Rome. Anyway, just thought I’d drop a line and say
“neener, neener, neener”, I’m havin’ Kung Pow Pork and you’re not!
P.S. A more accurate description of my day off can be illustrated by
placing an inanimate object in the middle of the room (a vegetable would
suffice) place a cold beverage nearby and turn on “Sports Center” with
the sound off while blasting Captain Beefheart’s classic “I Want To Find
Me A Woman Who Will Hold My Big Toe ‘Til I Have To Go” on the
stereo…if somehow the object happens to move this will indicate that
it’s time to go to the “Little Vegetable’s Room” in which case a fresh
beverage should be provided on its return. Repeat this process until
——————————-signed, Philbert

So, I hope you get a kick out of it like I did, back when he still worked amongst us lowly peons.

For those of you who have not yet met Philbert, you can visit him here: http://intestoons.blogspot.com/



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