February 19, 2008

Not enough hours in a day

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Here’s another project I’ve been working on…a graphic novel. Trouble is, it takes me a week to do one page, and that is working on it every day. The story has become so complex that I am considering just writing it out in novel form and illustrating it. I also might try making the style a bit less detail intensive, something like my nephew’s Naruto illustrations, bold and simple.

Trouble is, I just love to keep drawing it in, hatching, pointillism, braceleting, shading!  I just keep on keeping on! So far, I have only four pages of finished story (sans dialog), but a whole binder of sketches I’ve made over the years. Both these sketches from from my binder:


The story ranges from Naia as a little girl, all the way through her life. Below Naia meets up with the mysterious Rook.naia-and-rook02.jpg

There was no time tonight to work on it or any other art project, tonight I had two troublesome 12 year olds to deal with; Dave is getting Ds in some of his subjects at school, and Stephanie got caught texting during a field trip. Both have been in trouble a lot at school, recently, adding to my woe. These kids are my brother’s, taken from their alcoholic/drug abusive parents at the age of five.

My mother is finding it more and more difficult to deal with their misbehavior, she was in tears, again, tonight. Stephanie also left a gate open in the barn that allowed the sheep to get into the hay and ruin a lot of it, so her punishment was helping me clean the stalls. I do so love working all day and coming home to clean animal stalls. I had a point to make.

I think she will tend to remember to shut all gates she opens, after this. Sheep stalls stink.

Dave will be a harder one to deal with. I can’t be there when they come home to assure them doing their homework, so I will have to find a way to deal with it after I get home.

If we had not intervened in these kid’s lives, they would be out living on the streets like their older half-sister and mother, or their dad, wherever he is. Snatched out of the fire.

I consider it one of the most noble things someone can  do is to raise children, and to take on someone else’s children is a special honor. It isn’t what I would have chosen to do, but it still is, perhaps, the most important thing I can do with my life.

It just isn’t easy.

It’s 8:45pm and I have to get back over next door to make sure they’re ready for bed. Then, when I’ve made sure their settled in, I’ll be hitting the sack about 9:00.  5:30 comes ’round awfully early.

Like I said, not enough hours in a day.


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  1. leafless said,

    Great stuff! Your illustrations never cease to amaze me.

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