February 20, 2008

Watching in quiet desperation

Posted in blogging, cartoon, drawing tagged , , at 8:53 pm by czygyny


I watch as my life is dismantled
by cold and uncaring hands.
What is wisdom for them
is venom in my veins
making my heart sting
and eyes swim.

The silver is separated
from the dross
in the firey crucible of change,
 the fools throw out the precious
and retain the offal
dressed in façade.

I hope, as the icefloe melts
all around my feet,
the water may be warm
the tide may be sweet,
the sands of shore
rise up to meet me.

And, all what came before
will pale and fade away
a fleeting dream soon forgotten.

But for now my soul bleeds,
my spirit weeps
waiting for the Promise.


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