February 24, 2008

Reoccuring themes in my life

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I find that I visit the same places in my art, again and again. This vignette is something I have been creating since my high school days, a tall rocky island, out in the ocean, with a tiny, hide-covered dwelling, with a rock rimmed fire burning, a long thin flag waving in the ocean breeze, a woman sitting serenely nearby. There is always a spring of fresh water, a small tree or plant growing out of the rock, and usually a tiny rowboat tied to the driftwood at the bottom.

I tried to find as many as I could for this post, for I know that I have done many of  them over the years.

I have looked for a name for this little place, and when I started learning about the Hebrew festivals given to them by God, I thought to name it Sukkot, but the hides wouldn’t be kosher, so I guess I wait until a better name comes along.  

The next one was done in watercolors, and the rocks are amethyst:

.                                                                        lonelyplace.jpg

This one is a little different, the shape, of course does not follow suit, and there are other creatures in the picture. Notice the purple guy getting ready to pounce on someone or something coming out of the hole!


These fellows, below, are waiting for leftovers:

.                                                                  waiting-for-leftovers.jpg

I have a twisted sense of humor, I suppose.

If I run across any more I’ll be sure to show them, I know they are hiding in a box, somewhere.



Here is yet, another!



  1. JODY said,

    omg!!! you are soooo good.
    Teach me how to do this!

  2. czygyny said,


    In a nutshell, learn how to draw the reality you see around you, learn how to do it well, then start adding your own imagination and ideas to your knowledge of how things are, to make them what you wish them to be.

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