March 5, 2008

Would you ask your plumber for medical advice?

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Would you? Would you ask someone who is obviously an expert in his field, a man who knows the ins and outs of the watery world of pipes and knows the difference between PVC and HDPE, for advice on what to do about your back pain?

Ludicrous? Ill-advised? Just plain dumb?

Why is it, then, that supervisors who know little about how a product is created, even though it is in flux and transition, would ask someone who is well-versed in their own, separate, unrelated field, how to run something they know nothing about?

Why is it that decisions are being made about the future of  decades of advertising archives, many of which are the only files of customers’ logos and ads, by removing the tools which are used to access and utilize them. Even if it is to only gather the necessary information for outsourcing the product, how foolish it is to cut off a very labor saving, and for some aspects-irreplaceable-part of the work flow? There are scores of CD, DVD and archive files, enough to fill many computer’s hard-drives, that can only be accessed by CorelDraw, not the industry standard Adobe products we are now in the process of learning and converting everything over to.

When you remove the graphics programs that have been utilized by the company for over 15 years, you hobble what has already become a faulty, inefficient system. Keeping the graphics programs cost you nothing, removing them will cost you plenty in time and lost revenue, and causing even more work for staff already stretched thin.

What is the point?

Leave the CorelDraw on the computers! Don’t limit our font resources to a ridiculously low number. Don’t make this whole fiasco any more difficult than it has to be.

Research your solutions with people who know what they are talking about. Listen to them, they are not trying to stymie you, they are trying to make the best of the worst situation. They’ve been here longer than some of you have been alive. Use the knowledge. Be wise. This sort of thing has happened in the past, where someone totally removed from the situation was the decision maker and the changes implemented caused many hours of lost time, bottlenecked workflow, and errors at printing time.

Come on, pony up show some real leadership skills, that is your job description and duty. Make wise decisions. And, not just for your career…for those around you who have put so much of themselves into a quality product, and oh yes, your CUSTOMERS.



  1. Amazing. I still have CorelDraw on my computer (maybe I shouldn’t say anything) because there were some things created in CorelDraw that I didn’t want to recreate. I still access it once in awhile and its been well over a year since I moved to the Adobe suite. They certainly must be leaving the program on at least ONE computer in advertising, right?

  2. czygyny said,

    I don’t know the particulars, all I know is that the ones who are doing the consulting are asking the wrong people (IT) about something that isn’t in their sphere of knowledge –and– coupled with the fact that none of the other properties had this issue to deal with, having been Adobe (and Mac, I might add) all along. Our system is unique, industry wide, and needs unique, and experience-based decision making, not a ‘cookie-cutter’ based solution.

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