March 11, 2008

Stormy weather

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I have been feeling as if the waters have come up around me and are lapping at the last bit of dry land around my feet. Job loss, troubled children, money woes, too many irons in the fire, worrying about the future, etc.

I am holding up well enough, but I sketched this drawing today, and thought it worthy to experiment with some PhotoPaint tricks. And, yes, PhotoPaint. I love it. I love CorelDraw, too. Illustrator and PhotoShop are like speaking a different language to me. Ick.

Its a bit dark and grim, but I hope you enjoy my experiment, ‘Stormy Weather’.



  1. leafless said,

    After a storm, the sun will rise again. You may be going through some tough time right now, but brighter days are ahead.

    By the way, your work is fabulous.

  2. czygyny said,

    Thank you, once again, leafless,

    I, more than ever, just wish that they would lower the blade and sever me from this hellhole so I can start something new. This whole place is getting very ‘orwellian’, and it is also tough to see my friends endure this fruitless endeavor. Many are still putting 10-12 hours a day into an intense, focused job.

    I know that something new and wonderful could be just around the corner, if nothing else, just creating this blog has reawakened my artistic abilities…they’ve been in stasis for years.

    I will come through it and succeed!

  3. sugali said,

    Like leafless said, after the storm, the sun will come out again. It is just clouds covering for awhile. Your work is great and depicts what you are going through now,stormy,thunder and ligthning but you will come through it a better and wiser person.

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