March 23, 2008

What’s blooming now!?

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Time to put work aside, no DISPARAGEMENT* here! My gardens are starting to wake up, and it can’t happen soon enough!
Above is a springtime treat, Euphorbia myrsintes sandwiched between two Phlox sublata. This euphorb stays low to the ground, has lovely evergreen blue-green foliage, and shocking, long lasting chartreuse flowers. It adapts well to dry situations, and lives through our unusually cold (for our area) winters, where we often get down to 25-28°. The only downsides to this hardy plant is its irritating sap, common to euphorbs, and its prodigious seed crop. It is best to remove all seed pods soon after setting–and don’t forget to wear gloves!

Phlox is a long-time early spring favorite, blankets of color, star shaped flowers of magenta, pink, white, lavender or striped pink, spilling over walkways and rockery with abandon. It adapts to rock gardens, full sun or partial shade, and average water. It takes light foot traffic, as well. During the remainder of the year, it is a tidy, evergreen mat of sharp needle foliage, prune around the perimeter to keep in within bounds. It likes to overrun my James Kelway pyrethrum.

.                                     trillium-chloropetalum.jpgThis beauty is Trillium chloropetalum, a native to our higher foothills and mountain meadows. This one was gathered at Shasta Marina in a washout area of a creek, unearthed by the recent flooding. I’ve had it for about five years and it never fails to bloom for me. I have it on the east side of the house, under the protection of the eaves, with rocks around it to protect it from inadvertent digging, since it goes dormant as the summer heat climbs.

primula-x-polyantha02.jpg Here is another little gem of mine, a yellow Primula x polyantha. I find that these are short-lived in our hot climate, but planted in a moist north facing bed you can get most of the common primula to hang in there a couple of seasons. This one was a knockout from the start. It is taller than most of what is offered in Redding, and this pot of primulas is five years old! It gets wheeled to a very protected spot during the summer and winter, then gets showcased with volunteer purple violas and the chartreuse leaves of Veronica repens ‘Sunshine’.

.                             drum-planter.jpg Anyone who has visited my gardens knows I love succulents, and I love ‘found’ items, the rustier, the better. This ‘pot’ is a brake drum from an old car, found at the scrap metal yard. They are heavy containers, but are very sturdy and perfect for smaller sempervivums. I find that sedums don’t do as well as semps in these containers. Look how the cobweb semps drape over the side!

hemingray-42.jpg Not all that blooms has color in my yard. I love old glass insulators, and these Hemingray 42s are my favorite! There is just something about that wonderful aqua blue color. I created a mini ‘power pole’ to showcase my collection, and when the evening summer streams through them, it is beautiful. To those ‘in the know’ my Micky Mouse Hemingray enjoys the safety of my window sill.

.                                the-garden.jpg       Here is my yard, still sleeping for the most part, but the rosemary in the herb box is abuzz with bees, the euphorbia characias (I have lots of euphorbs)  to the left is showing off its acid green blooms, a phlox and Iberis sempervirens blooming low in the perennial strip. (This is where my peonies are) and my river of grass is dark and lush. It is still too early to plant the annual boxes, last year I tried to start too early and I was out placing row covers out on them every night. I’m waiting until next month to plant them. It is still getting down in the high 20s in our micro-climate, down in the ‘holler’.


My gardens are my pride and joy, stay tuned for more…


My oldest ‘child’ Jason came home with a digital camera, so, as you can see, I’ve been out snapping images right and left. I am in the market for a Canon Rebel, as I already have lenses. Soon I will be looking for the right deal. This camera is sufficient for many instances, but I need that macro!

*I am under a non-disparaging clause for my remainder of time at work. I would like to remind any members of ‘The Company’ (you know who you are) that anything written in this blog, with any hint of a disparaging remark was placed here well before my termination inception. I have been very careful to not name names and sensitive information. My remarks have been a general industry-wide concern. Many people face what I face, in today’s world.  Act with ethics, care, empathy, concern and patience with us all, whom you oversee, as is fitting for someone in your position.



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  1. leafless said,

    What beautiful colors! You have some real gems there.

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