April 2, 2008

Poppy Love

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We went to Wyntour Nursery in Anderson, which is always a treat for me. It is my favorite local nursery. When we were done shopping, I took my camera across the street to take photos of one of my most favorite wildflowers, Lobb’s poppies, a diminutive relative of the California poppy. Although the municipal airport’s imposing fence marred the view, Mount Shasta made a lovely backdrop for the field of wild radish, Lobb’s poppies, lupine and crane’s bill.



Here are some of the Lobb’s Poppies with lupine and crane’s bill.



Here below are the tiny poppies, up close. They are brilliant yellow and I’ve seldom seen them over 4″  tall, but my Peterson Field Guide says they get to 12″ high. The only ones that tall I have seen around here are neither E. californica, nor E. lobbi. They love drying flats in grasslands and gravelly creek banks. They look a lot like Goldfields, Lasthenia chrysotoma, another yellow wildflower seen in vast masses. In fact I think that is one in the lower left area of the image, looking like a tiny dandelion.



Get out there and look for these beautiful and fleeting poppies, they won’t last long!


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  1. leafless said,

    Lovely shots! There’s a certain uniqueness that wildflowers have that set them apart from regular flowers.

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