April 3, 2008

Sequential fun

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Early this morning Jason and I took a walk down to the creek with our two dogs, Jewel and Ginger. As an experiment, I tried the ‘sports’ function of my new camera. I focused my lens on Jason as he tried to jump across our East Stillwater Creek.



He starts out with a great beginning, those long legs can carry him a long distance in short order.



Jason is 6′ 7″, a long and lanky kid, he can run like the wind.



With that heavy dark hoody he likes to wear, he looks something like a big, looming condor taking off in flight.



The jump is doomed from the start, however, when his foot slides in the wet gravel at the start of his leap. Jewel the rottie comes into the picture in the last two frames, looking incredulously at Jason as he makes a big splash at the end.



The image below is one of the best of the 142 pictures I took on the walk. Look at that beautiful redbud (Cercis occidentalis) in the foreground. The mountain in the distance is Bear Mountain, a fascinating year ’round photo study, its layering and folds always make for great shadows and texture. And, look at that, everything is turning green so fast!

We’re still getting below freezing at night, but spring is definitely here! The frogs sing at night and crickets are starting to chirp in the evenings, and the birds serenade all day long.

The sweetest spring.



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