April 7, 2008

The end enriches the beginning

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This peculiar, and somewhat macabre image is where someone dumped the carcass of a cow last year. When we first saw it, it was still intact and still very identifiable. We marveled at the grisly sight then forgot about it until I went for a lengthy hike with my new camera, yesterday.

It made me think about what has transpired in the last year of my life. The death of something, its demise becoming the enrichment for something new. Look how rich and green and lush the grass is where the body was. Look at the bright buttercups surrounding the bones.


Today, I paid off all my debt. I went to each bank and paid in full. My car, my credit card, odd and ends–zero balance. I took of the old to prepare for the new. It was a liberating feeling, and I knew I had done well.  No, it was better than that, it was quite satisfying and joyous. The funeral of my debt becomes the seeds to ensure tomorrow.

The dying past plowed into the furrows of the future.






  1. BDO said,


  2. czygyny said,

    BDO, all of us fantasize about what we would do if we won the lottery or was given a substantial sum of money.
    My first priority, even in my dream world, was to pay off my debt. I did not have a horrendous amount of debt, of myself, although when I was married, he incurred tens of thousands of dollars of debt. I know what it is like to have the utility company threaten shut-offs, and bill collectors calling on the phone.
    That is all behind me now, and I took of my modest windfall and did good on my plan.
    Just the saving of the finance charges alone, was well worth it.
    It CAN be done.

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