April 9, 2008


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‘The Awww factor’ was a popular post, so I want to bring you up to date on the serious business of raising six bantam chicks (nothing but serious fun). They are now taking up residence in a 55 gallon fish tank on the kitchen floor. A perfect setup, actually. They can interact with the world around them, I can keep the air warm, and it keeps Jewel, the rottie, from making them in to snacks.

If I can get a film clip of them reacting to my singing to them, I will post it. They shake their little heads. I guess I am off key.


They wake up at intervals all night and run along that metal feeder and practice ‘flying’. My house is very small and I can hear them scramble about. Their little wing and tail feathers are coming in and they’re so cute!



  1. leafless said,

    A video clip of the little ones would definitely be delightful. It’s amazing how cute everything is at infant stage. And then age takes over…..

  2. czygyny said,

    Aw, come on, I am getting old and I am still cute! ROFL!
    Actually, these chickens stay very attractive, since they are dimunitive versions of the standard chickens.
    I do have a bit of video, when I muster the courage to post it (since I am singing a few bars) I’ll get in on here.

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