April 13, 2008

Sunday evening

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Here it is, the start of the third week since I was let go by the newspaper. It has been an wonderful time of drifting from one project to the next. I am amazed at how the things in need of my attention have just swallowed up the hours that used to be set aside for work. It is going to be difficult to start really putting effort into a business or going back to work for someone. I am also amazed at how distant those 26 years of my life seem, now.

The lilac, the apple and dianthus blooms mingle with the fragrances from the meadows and creek in the warming and lenghtening evenings, it makes an intoxicating scent that can almost be swallowed down like a fine wine. Frogs and crickets sing at night and the ever growing number of nesting birds sing during the day. The jazzy cadence of the meadowlarks, the raucous cackling of starlings, and the bickering call of the Western Kingbird starts the day.

A house finch has taken up nesting in the Leptospermum bush by the front door. I sneak an egg out every once in a while to look at. Another old wives tale bites the dust. Most birds have a poorly developed sense of smell, and momma bird always comes back after I return her delicate cream egg with brown spots. Our little finch family that lives in the old, torn macrame hanger in my back yard has produced as many as three separate broods in a good year. I would set up the ladder so the kids could watch the fascinating infant bird’s growth and eventual departure.


My picture taking hasn’t abated one bit. I am on image 1,461, already! I purchased a case for my camera. As soon as it comes, I will be able to take it with me when I go some place. I have already filled up a 4+GB DVD backup of ‘keepers‘. And, this is all from just around where I live! I love being able to create a tangible memory of every special thing I see.

This image is what I saw when I woke up this morning. This only happens a few days out of the year, when the sun rises through my kitchen window and shines on my bedroom door. I thought it made a cool pattern.

It is a somewhat serene image, I think.

Even the roadside weeds hold a certain beauty if you take the time to look. This is vetch, a common legume found blooming in our area right now.

Even the grill on my old Chevy dually can be a attention grabber. I really should have put this truck up for sale for Kool April Nites! It is a rare year. It used to be a hay truck for the Smith Ranch.


My soft heart has me in trouble again. My ex asked me to take care of his dog ‘Sammy’, while he cares for his ailing father in Emeryville. His dad lives on the 30th floor of a condo, and it is no place for a Queensland Heeler. I am very familiar with the breed, having had stock dogs for twenty years. I have been used to the slower, mellower attitudes of my other two dogs, Jewel and Ginger. Sammy is the typical highstrung, pushy, exclusive, jealous cattle dog. We’ve already had a few minor scraps between he and Jewel. Trouble is, Jewel outweighs him by about 70 pounds and knows how to fight, so Sammy better get it straightened out before fur flies and blood shed. Sammy also likes to get up on furniture, which is a big no-no in our house. He is, though, a smart, clever, loving, obedient dog, and maybe I can teach him to herd up these stupid sheep of mine!

Here they are, top to bottom: Jewel, full-blood Rottweiler; Ginger, our ‘Parttweiler’; and Sammy, the Queensland Heeler.

I live in a tiny 680 sq. ft. house. There are two adults, three dogs, a 55 gallon tank housing six bantam chicks, a 30 gallon terrarium,  a betta and guppy, a six foot swiss-cheese plant, and numerous other plants, home office, plus too much furniture. There is just a little too much ‘living’ going on in this abode! Walking around at night half-asleep is a challenge.

Well, even though I have no job to go to, tomorrow, I still have kids to get up and get to school, then a garden to put in and many other things. I think I’ll call this Sunday a done deal. A well done and satisfying deal.



  1. Uncle E said,

    Just LOVE the doorknob image, C!

  2. Wow, 3 weeks already? I sure miss having you around the ol’ newspaper but am awfully glad you have your life back. I guess the next artist to leave will be B.W., he started a month or two before I did. Ob La Di, Ob La Da, life goes on…
    Lunch soon, OK?

  3. czygyny said,

    Yes, three weeks already! Been loving every minute of it.
    I think I know who two will be left (the two willing to put up with the most grief-more power to ’em).
    Ready for lunch any time you are.

  4. leafless said,

    That is one tiny egg you have there. 🙂

    1,461 images already? I’m pretty close to my 200th. I guess I have a long way to catch up.

  5. czygyny said,

    Leafless, I now have to spend time, daily, cataloging my photo inventory! I will whittle those down later, as I scrutinize them more closely. Just my ‘Bear Mountain’ studies are nearing 70. We have a fantastic grouping of weather-worn sandstone outcroppings just down the road, and I plan on filling my flash card with images of that outing, alone.
    I took my camera up to famous Shasta Dam, and popped off a hundred or so pix.
    I can’t imagine ever having more fun (other than pulling weeds and digging holes all day) 😉

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