April 23, 2008

Oh, they grow up so fast!

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Eighteen days ago, we brought home six little cuddly, fuzzy bantam chicks. They have recently started staying out in the chicken coop during the days, but still stay in the 55 gallon fish tank at night, since our nights are still getting below freezing. They love getting out into the larger area of the coop, they run and fly with their stubby wings when I lift them out of the carrier. They mill about, picking off the unfortunate spiders that are within reach, while the dogs look on hungrily from outside the wire enclosure. I can get in and right down next to them to take pictures, they aren’t bothered a bit. They are starting to react to the feeding call, which is important to call them in for the night.

Today I am going to give you a slide show of how they have changed, in the same order as the first post. It is amazing how they change as their first true feathers displace the downy baby feathers. 


The first one is Blue. I am going to predict this one is going to be a boy. Look at the emerging waddles and comb. He is an all over blue-grey color.




The real surprise is Frazz, shown below. Look at those feathers! Frazz is either a Frizzle or a Silkie, a mutant gene causes the feathers to lack the tiny comb structures that hold the sections of feathers together smoothly, and just an overall twisted growth. I am hoping Frazz is a pullet (young female), I have read that they make great mother hens. She also has extra toes, and feathers all down each leg, whereas most chicken breeds have unfeathered legs.



Next one is Kiwi. This pullet hopeful is so named for its uncanny appearance to my shoe polish applicator. It is one of the smallest chicks, and most unremarkable in color or markings. 


This brown one looks like he is crowing already. He is the biggest of the bunch, and Jason has named him Racer, because he had racing stripes, which are quickly changing into speckled and mottled browns.


The second largest, and most likely a cockerel (young rooster), as well. Jason has named him Rally. He looks like he will have some beautiful markings when he is mature.


 The last one is the smallest, endearing and most likely the prettiest one of the bunch. This one I have named Lucille, to replace my other favorite hen of the past. She will be a lovely black and white speckled cutie. She looks embarrassed, but it is just the red light from the heat lamp that must stay on, day and night.


So, there it is, another installment of Chicky-cam. When I need a lift, I go and sit in the coop and watch them scratch in the shavings, run and fly (sometimes in to each other!) and listen to their soft cheeps. I will miss listening to their tiny voices when they are big enough to stay outside all night, it is so soothing, but I won’t miss the cat-litter dust all over my house from their scratching and dust baths!




  1. Tess said,

    I found your blog via WP tag surfer. For some reason, it caught my eye, even though I know nothing about chickens. Blue and Frazz are very cute, by the way. I read your “about” page, and I can sort of relate to your situation. I’ve worked for a non-profit, still do, for more than 15 years doing “creative” things. Anyway, I started a new endeavor too but for different reasons: Japanese cooking. I guess I’m commenting so I will think to look at your blog again. Best wishes to you.

  2. czygyny said,

    Thanks for visiting, Tess. I am glad that you’ve enjoyed my in depth look into the world of chickens. There are a lot of different themes in my blog, so feel free to peruse at your pleasure.

  3. leafless said,

    Are these the same chicks you posted sometime ago? They have grown so fast.

  4. czygyny said,

    Yes, they are the same ones from my ‘The Awww Factor’. It IS amazing how fast they feather in and grow. They are getting quite tame.

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