May 31, 2008

The parting of paths

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  Friday marked a day of dissolution, the last round of layoffs for our Creative Services department.
Those of us who cared, came together during the noon hour at the local pizza parlor, a final sendoff for the last two artists to be culled from the department.
  As I looked about at all of those people with whom I have had the pleasure to work beside for so many years, all of them looking a lot more haggard, a bit more weary, the incompetent dismantling process showing its abrasive nature, wearing away hope and comfort, I am suddenly reminded of our camaraderie and experiences together. All that went before will now pass into memory, hopefully fond memory, but knowing it will never to be repeated again. It feels like a fist has come down and smashed us asunder.
  Those who have been released have been blessed in many ways, and I hope that those that remain will find greener pastures, soon. You who are left do not deserve the treatment you receive, you deserve a trustworthy and caring employer, and a fair workload. Don’t look to corporations to be your helper or benefactor, they smile to your face but carry a dagger behind their back, perhaps for just a bit of bloodletting. I have a deep seated feeling that there are huge changes for us all, challenging times.

  Dean, I’m sorry I never ventured out of my hermit’s hut to come see one of your theatrical productions. I do enjoy local theater, so I have no excuse. I hope you will be able to stay in the area and in touch.
  Eve, my little mouse! Your heartache wears on your shoulders like a heavy burden. The path to Righteousness and the removal of all heavy burdens has been shown to you. Take the courage to walk it.
  Sue, thanks for taking over the care and oversight of the plants I have left for my remembrance. I hope it is a green prick in the conscience to the unworthy powers that be.
  Gary, siblings together in the Son, I can only pray that the Father blesses you in a comparable way as He has blessed me. It renews and strengthens faith. Share some of your photos with me sometime.
  Bill, you’re free to do whatever your heart desires. May your time be filled with beautiful music.
  Syndi, what can be said? Nearly 27 years of friendship, through thick and thin, good and bad. How unfair that the hands of others can so casually destroy the life’s work of another. We’re only a hop, skip and jump up the road from each other. Let’s just bulldoze that hill top that blocks our direct view of each other, then we can send smoke signals during our burn-pile extravaganzas.


 My prayers are for all of us as we each take our own separate paths; that we may be encouraged, to be prospered, to be given insight and direction, and a huge dollop of Providence, so that our ‘bread’ is always sufficient for the day.


I do not normally post individual images of folks in a public area without permission, but since this ham is used to the bright lights and stardom, I couldn’t resist showing this humorous image of our own Dean-O, doing what comes natural. You such a funny guy!

For all of you that were at the lunch, if you want a complete collection of the photos, I will burn a CD for you. There are too many to email. Let me know.

Look what a spoiled fruit that place has become, a browning, cankered shell of rotteness, full of worms of greed, oozing the lifeblood of faithful people, fit only for the compost pile.


If you have missed my other entries about enduring the slow tortuous death of a good newspaper and the termination of my 26 year job,  here is a shameless plug for some of my previous rantings:




  1. I was so disappointed I couldn’t be there for Dean and Eve’s farewell luncheon. It certainly was not for a lack of caring, I simply couldn’t be there at the prescribed hour.
    Although I work on “the other side of the aisle” now, my heart is still with my comrades-in-arms in the advertising department.
    With Thom G. scheduled to leave next week for South Dakota you’d have to blind to not see the talent drain at the Record Searchlight.
    How can you lose people like you, Dean, Eve, Bill, and all the other fine folks like Loren and not miss them?
    The list of people who have left the paper over the past 10 month or so is staggering, not only in its’ length but in the breadth of talent in contains.

    At least I can keep up with you on your blog. Thanks for posting the photos, wish I could’ve been in them.

  2. Michelle the ex-reporter said,

    What a sad day for that department. I truly think those who have been cast aside by corporate asshats will end up being much better off in the long run!

    You can’t possibly know how happy I am that I left the RS when I did, on MY terms. I feel the exodus will continue until the crappy publisher and that snake of an editor are the only ones left. Then who will bail out their sinking ship?

  3. czygyny said,

    Yeah, we missed you Phil! I had hoped Steve and Bill and Loren would have been there, too, but life just gets in the way of life, sometimes.

    What a bittersweet hour, knowing that now the bonds are loosed that held us together, and that each of of us will now drift off to where ever the current takes us.

    Michelle, it was a canny move on my part to stick it out until the bitter end. I ended up with the means to enjoy life on my terms, if only for a time. It is a reward hard earned and it’s being well enjoyed. Sometimes good things do come to those who wait.

  4. Dr. Adam Baum said,

    Czygyny, did you see the help wanted ad in Saturday and Sunday’s RS? I’ve carefully reproduced it on my blog at I think you’ll enjoy it.

  5. czygyny said,

    Dr. Baum 😉 What a witty advertisement, too bad truth takes the back seat to the spin you read today.
    This reminds me of the famous ‘chicken fat’ incident a couple of decades ago, when someone in the RS sales dept. (ah, in the good old days) made up an ad layout lampooning a local donut store, saying their product was cooked in greasy, drippy, pure chicken fat. This spoof ad was an in-house joke, but somehow it went from layout, to ad, to press! Thankfully the donut shop owner was good natured about it, and the red-faced sales staff learned to never say what you don’t want printed for consumer viewing.
    Golly I wish that could happen to your ad!

  6. leafless said,

    From the group photo, I can see an array of emotions. But you know what, life shoulders on. Best of lucks to each of you.

  7. czygyny said,

    Yes, life does shoulder on. I think our group understands that.
    In many ways I have moved on and left the angst behind, but the grief is still to be worked through for many of us.
    Artists tend to be sensitive folks, after all.
    This all came about at a perfect time for me, despite the losses. My family needs me more than ever, as my mother grows older and the kids get bigger. Everyone is tickled that I am home.
    Thank you for your wishes of hope. 🙂

  8. Janet P said,

    As one pictured above, I would just like to say that the above opinions are not shared by everyone. Isn’t my authorization needed to post my picture?

  9. czygyny said,


    You are correct.

    I was wrong to implicate you in our little ‘conspiracy’. I see that I have made a bold assumption that those present were of a similar mind, but we all know what ‘assume’ means… Previous conversation has brought me to a wrong conclusion.

    I hope that the measures I have taken to remove you from any suspicion have been sufficient, and I apologize if it has caused you any distress.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  10. Marlene Lincoln said,

    Hi. I just read about the trip to Shasta and saw your garden and the awesome photos you shared. I very much enjoyed everything you shared…pictures and your thoughts. I almost feel like I know you! I was searching for pictures of cactus gardens because I want to create one, and I happened onto your blog! Thank you for sharing. I am sitting at my desk in Paso Robles, California on Friday evening – 6:10 pm – September 25, 2009. I am supposed to be meeting my 85 year old father for dinner and I am going to be late because I just have to thank you for the interlude you offered to anyone who happened along! Thank you! I’m so glad I happened along! I wish you the very best with everything in your life!…. A very happy 59-1/2 year old girl named Marlene

  11. […] editor.The RS now outsources its advertising production work, and Friday was the final day for many RS artists.Speaking of outsourced ads, feel free to join me in this fun game. Send me the most hilarious […]

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