November 30, 2008

A fair walk for a fine day.

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I thought I would break my long silence with the results of a nice three hour hike taken today. Above is one of my favorite cottonwood trees with Bass and Saddleback mountains in the background. What a beautiful day it was today, mid 70s, no wind, deep blue skies. Very nice.



I could not pass up this drying, checking mud, with its geometric shapes and peeling layers. This image comes complete with dog prints.



I love Bear Mountain, and I never pass up a chance for another picture, especially if I can get the lookout. I hope to go up there, someday.



This snaggle-tooth mouth shaped knothole made me laugh. it looks like a lamprey mouth or laughing alien creature.



This tree is slowly losing it’s life. It stands ever starker and barer as time pulls the spirit of the tree. It hangs over a tall bank looming with its grasping branches.



These orange spotted Eriogonum stems are almost shockingly bright for such muted early winter colors that abound right now.


Here is the last leg of the journey, just before we get back to our unpaved road. It was a good time for dogs, who wallowed in the mud and explored all over and for me who just enjoyed the quiet and beauty and muted colors of an autumn near ended and a winter near come, that are right in my back yard.

I am so blessed.  🙂




  1. donigreenberg said,

    And we’re blessed that you share these wonderful photographs and observations with us on your blog. Welcome back! We missed you!

  2. Larry said,

    Whew…Glad you are back. All the years working together, and I never knew about your fine photo-eye. Very nice.

  3. Larry said,

    Oops, changing my site back.

  4. CinnamonKern said,

    If you and your camera are interested in a more strenuous hike with amazing views, I can give you the basic directions to get up on top of Saddleback. . .it’s beyond lovely on a clear day.

  5. Welcome back! Missed you.

  6. czygyny said,


    With the care of my mother, my niece and nephew and my gardens, I don’t have much time to devote to getting away for a day, and I doubt the kids would want to go–although it sounds like it would be a great place to view the valley! I never go anywhere! (which is fine with me!)

    I am very grateful for living close to East Stillwater creek, and lots of hills and flats, even an interesing old cemetery that are fun to hike and explore so close to home on a whim. 🙂

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