March 3, 2010

Trespassers beware–the sequel!

Posted in blogging at 5:18 pm by czygyny

The drowned truck has been freed from the creek tonight by Lassen Canyon’s tractor crew.  With a grinding tug through gravel and spinning tractor wheels, the vehicle was pulled up on the bank this evening.

It is obvious that this was not a stolen rig. Nothing had been stripped, nice wheels, tires, three-wheeler and a cab full of someone’s soggy belongings. A pink address book lay on the foot well, suitcases and bags and a very ruined stereo set sat dripping.

I thought this last photo says it all. It wasn’t a thrasher before…but it has become one in quite a hurry!

How prophetic.



  1. czygyny said,

    I met the hapless fellow who was driving the truck, last night. A relative brought him back to the scene to survey the damage.

    His jacket was still damp, his hair in disarray and seemingly disoriented, he seemed grateful that I was not angry with him for trespassing, but I told him earnestly that I was just glad he was alive.

    We all make poor choices and bad mistakes…some we skate by without serious trouble, some are expensive, some are deadly.

    I thank God that he was spared his life in this pre-dawn, very cold and terribly dangerous accident…and I am sorry that he lost so much in the aftermath.

    I hope and pray that this incident will take a curse and turn it into a blessing for a young man down on his luck.

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