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mt shasta

I am a 50ish woman, single, no biological children. I live in a semi-rural area of Northern California on a small farm, with my extended family of mother, brother’s 12 year old twins and 23 year old ‘adopted’ son. We raise sheep, garden extensively, and are trying to come up with ideas on how to make money at home. I go by the name ‘czygyny’ everywhere on the internet, but my net-friends call me ‘zyggy’.

I have been faithfully working in retail newspaper advertising for 26 years as an artist and illustrator. That trust has been cast aside after finding out that my job is being outsourced offshore, and my new ‘duties’ will take what little enjoyment I have left of the ever dwindling creativity and quality. And, now after suffering through a hellish six months, I am involuntarily released, gone, out the door.  There was a time that I did it all for them; editorial art, T-shirt and posters for the Redding Marathon, banners, tabloid covers, product art, anything and everything creative. Now, I am just a paper-pusher, sending what was once mine out for foreign hands to do.

So, I am looking for a new career that will utilize my creative artist talents, and, here’s the catch, I want to do it from home. I do not have the ability nor desire to relocate, but since my job is now in the process of being outsourced via the internet and email to offshore sources, I can do the same thing from my own home. I have the computer and the place to work. Why not? I have a tremendous level of skill and talent; copywriting, proofing, design, illustration, clip-art, etc. Clever, talented, versatile, intelligent and witty. My interests certainly don’t end at advertising, I have a great interest in children’s books, wearable art and even fine art; paintings, carvings, sculpting, running a nursery, writing fantasy books, etc.

Lots of marketable talent…just no talent at marketing.

Help me along my new adventures, if you are able! But, if not, then I hope you’ll sit a spell, rummage around and enjoy a peek into my own wierd little world! 



  1. Your work is wonderful. Success will find you.

  2. Hi Mitsy,
    Here are a couple of sites that I was registered on (and putting my toes in until I found the textbook job, that I was recently let go from because I wasn’t able to put in enough 40 hr. weeks for them) and I am going to start figuring out how to bid competively and not under-pay me. Hm…wonder how many of the successfull bidders are out-of-country.



    Peace, Larry

  3. Laurence said,

    Hi Zyggy,

    I can understand how you feel.

    I am building my own on-line business from home. I didn`t think I could until I found a company (more a family really) who showed me how to and still holds my hand.

    You sound well equipped to succeed with the kind of gifts you have.

    Go to my web site and click on the tab `My Passion` . Study what is there and see the many different `ordinary` folk who are succeeding.

    If you would like to visit the forum as a guest then email me and I will send you the password – you will see that it is one big helping and encouraging family.

    Because of my experience I can really tell your future – you will be a success… with SBI.

    I hope to hear from you.


  4. bibomedia said,

    Have a nice day !

  5. ~ kjb said,

    Your work is gorgeous to look at and to read. Would you please get in touch with me? Thanks.

  6. Michelle the ex-reporter said,

    Hi, there!!

    I worked at the R-S from 1999 until 2004. I was a reporter, so our paths never crossed. I have been poking around on your site (found it through Doni’s) and I love your work!!

    I just wanted to give you some encouragement regarding your situation. From my experience, getting out of the hellhole that is the R-S was the best thing I have done. I’m sure when the last day comes it will be hard, but you will find your niche and flourish! The R-S will be left with unhappy customers and employees, all created by corporate greed and moronic managers.

    Everything will work out for the best! Trust me!!!! 🙂

  7. czygyny said,

    Michelle, I have been at the RS since 1981, I am quite sure our paths have crossed at some point. All the different faces that have come and gone from there over the years tend to be a blur to me, though, and after awhile I just quit trying to remember them all. I guess I should have taken the hint at why so many passed through without staying, but I am a stubborn cuss. (Ask Philbert–or the poor outsourcing company who has to do their ads correctly when I proof them!)
    Good thing you got out before it came to this. It has all the ambience of a killing floor, and the cheer of a mortuary. Despair hangs about like a numbing fog.
    It has certainly heightened my awareness between good honest workers and corporate shills.

  8. Michelle the ex-reporter said,

    We might have, but I remember how segregated the newsroom was when I was there and how I didn’t know anyone from any other department. That’s what I meant by not crossing paths. 🙂

    Seriously, it was like people in other departments were working on another planet to anyone working in the newsroom then. LOL!

    Hang in there!

  9. Debbie P. said,


    I have had the pleasure of working with you your entire career at the RS (as I have been there almost 30 years) and have thoroughly enjoyed the years with you!

    Your talents ~ yes I mean talents ~ can’t even be described, they are numerous and great!!

    I can only wish you the greatest amout of success in wherever your road takes you next.

    Always your friend,

  10. czygyny said,

    Thank you so much Debbie. You are one of those who are a truly good person and worker, and you have stuck it out through thick and thin for so many years.

    My, the times we’ve seen, these decades long.

    What is coming to the newspaper business is a purposeful dismantling, and more rigid control of yet another media outlet, and the casualties are the good folks who’ve given of themselves for so long, and the customers we have served. The reasons go beyond just economics.

    Here’s to you, a much better proofreader than even I! 😉

  11. Deb Duryee said,

    My old buddy and pal, there is life after newspapers, and life after politics too. I’m working from home for a hot rod shop in Sacramento after I closed up shop here. I travel there every few months. Not sure how to market your considerable talents from home, but I do know of an opening in town for a graphic artist. Great company where Sarah currently works.
    Oh and by the way, the RS sucks. I just didn’t know it until I left.

  12. Jon Lewis said,

    Hi Mitsy,

    Just wanted to check in to wish you well with your next venture. You have an exceptional amount of talent and I’m happy to see you’re able to share some of it on this nifty site.

    I ducked into the newsroom the other day and was really startled to see how much has changed and how few faces, let alone familiar ones, are still around. Sorry to hear you’re on the way out but I won’t be surprised to learn that it results in something much better.

    I remember fondly a full-page illustration you created (an original watercolor? I think it was before some of the fancier software was around) to go with a feature I wrote on bird watching. It was amazing, with herons and jays and a couple others. Suitable for framing. I’m pretty sure I have a copy somewhere in a box in the garage. This was probably back in the mid-’90s, but my memory can’t be trusted.

    Anyway, it makes me happy to see art is still in your life. Keep up the good work!


  13. sugali said,

    Just dropping by to wish you every success and May the good Lord guide you through. With your talents you cannot fail.
    Happy blogging!!

  14. woodyooi said,

    Nice of you to share your story, I am in another part of the world, Malaysia. My job too (PCB designer), went away for good and was let go two months ago. When I read your story, sounded like my own story as well.

    Your work is tremendous and your attention to little details undoubtedly reflected in your years of skill and talent.

    I do have a little idea for you maybe helpful to make some money, if you are skillful in Photoshop, take any picture, increase the contrast a bit , make it black and white, do a outline detect.

    Now you see only outline of a photo that is black with white spaces in between (do some touch up as needed , I am sure you know well what to do). Print out the picture in white paper after you are satisfied with it.
    Look for those black paper used in art class. secure the white paper to the black paper with glue and have it dry up. Next thing will be interesting..

    Use a knife, cut out the white portion of the the picture leaving only the black area . Try not to do all at once for now. Next look for some transparent colorful plastic film (was it cellophane or something ?) fill it up with different color as you continue to cut the paper out- glue to one side of the piture. Now as you build the drawing up. It looks just like stain glass art. You will be amazed with how beautiful it will turn out when light is shine from the black.

    So next come more idea. Using computer , you can make large artwork by “tile” (Printing out section of the painting tile by tile) to make up larger size picture right..? try build larger drawing that way. Once they are done section by section.. sandwich it with two glass, install white light from back. Wah-lah.. you have a nice pseudo stained-glass artworks with illumination from the back.

    Since you live on farm, it may be wise to slowly convert section of it to gallery and printing some flyers to attract visitors. let them visit the gallery and charge them dollar fifty (if it’s great, maybe more !!!) to take photo with the beautiful artwork as their background.


  15. Chris Nagy said,

    Hoo-rah! I found you!

    What a great Weblog and outlet for your talent. The whole world will be able to appreciate you.

    For the misty-eyed, I loved working with you on the ads we did for my accounts many moons ago. It was crazy stuff, and it was fun. Isn’t that what work is supposed to be?

    After a year, you’ll wonder why you thought you couldn’t live outside of the newspaper spectrum. I’m almost there, only 60 days until I have been away from the biz. Surprisingly, I’ve found plenty to keep me busy, and some of it even paid a little bit.

    I’m moving out of California at the end of May, so I would still like to keep in touch!

    You are just too great of a person… great things will come your way!

    Always your friend.


  16. czygyny said,

    Hey, Chris! Yeah, fun is what a job is supposed to be, eh? Not the prison sentence it seems to be at ‘The Company’ today. Scavenging bottom-feeders have put an end to that.
    It didn’t take me a year, I already feel like the whole thing is a lifetime away.
    Sorry to hear you are moving, but I am sure you are on to new adventures.
    May blessings follow you wherever you go, and in whatever you do.

  17. czygyny said,

    Hey, Deb,
    Good to hear from you. You have no idea just how good you did have it at RS when you were there. It was a good place to work, at one time. It frightens me to think what is at the ‘helm’ there, today.

  18. czygyny said,

    Howdy, Jon, guess I should check my messages more frequently. It is good to hear from you, and didn’t I see your mug on KIXE the other day? 🙂 Glad to see you are still around.

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