June 17, 2009

Cactus Crazy 2009

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They are at it again! My cacti garden is bursting with blooms!


Here is the one that started the Echinopsis collection, tentatively identified as ‘Stars and Stripes’.


A nice combo of pink and Schick hybrid  ‘Hot Lips’ red.


This one, I call ‘Pale Peachy Pink’, is a creation of my very own! It can take many years to get from seed to blooming plant.


Not too sure, but I think this is another of my creations. I am not a good records keeper, much to my detriment.


This yellow beauty came from Home Depot. It has a light citrus fragrance.


This is another of my seedlings. It differs somewhat from the original parent “Stars and Stripes’.


Here is another Schick hybrid, ‘Oracle’, an electric fuchsia and red combination I so love in cacti flowers.


Not just Echinopsis are in bloom. This Opuntia Santa-Rita looks like a color pumped image, but its delicate purple and blue colorings and its light yellow blooms look great against the backdrop of a purple variegated barberry.


Lastly is this sea urchin lookalike, Astrophytum. Its very pale yellow flowers with their red rings look like eyes looking back at you.

Only lasting a day in most cases, these cacti flowers are worth rushing out in the early morning to drink up their incredible and fleeting beauty, and they live through my colder than Redding winter temperatures, with the added bonus of not needing much water in the summer, but they do need afternoon shade.

If you would like to try your hand at these beautiful Echinopsis cacti, take a look at these beauties!:



June 8, 2008

Cactus crazy

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I am an avid collector of cacti, I have hundreds! Some of my favorites are Echinopsis and hybrids of Echinopsis. They have some of the largest flowers around, bright and beautiful, and fleeting. Many of them only last one day! Thankfully, a photo lasts forever. After trying to grow them in pots, I decided to plop some into the dry, gritty soil of my rock garden. Wow, am I glad that I did! The collection that is in the ground (yes, they are quite cold hardy) out-did themselves this spring. I want to share some of these prickly wonders with you. Some of these plants are Schick hybrids from Huntington Botanical Gardens, the largest of the flowers are around 7″ long and can be up to 5″-6″  wide.

Check out the luscious blooms of the Schick hybrids:  http://www.huntington.org/BotanicalDiv/Schick/catalogindex.html

April 1, 2008

Callous on my shutter button finger

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Oh, boy, howdy, have I been having fun!

Below is my Phaleonopsis ‘Baldan’s Kaleidoscope x Golden Treasure’. Isn’t it gorgeous? It stays in bloom for months!


Here are some of my fancy goldfish, the red and white, is ‘Pudge’  I raised it from an egg, the calico colored one to the right is ‘Archie’ my beautiful Ranchu, the white one to the lower left is ‘Deadeye’. A garter snake caught him and put out his eye. Garter snakes are not welcome here, anymore.


Here is my Trichocereus Pachanoi ‘monstrose’. Cool cactus, eh?


 And, lastly, part of my rock garden, the ‘Lichen’ garden, with golden sedum and a wild boar skull, found on a hike. Not everybody can grow healthy lichen.


If you want to see more you can visit my webshots albums at http://community.webshots.com/user/razzit2

I’ve put in a lot of new images in some of the older albums and started a new one called ‘My Terrariums and House Plants’

I am still trying to wade through the instruction booklet for this camera. Whew, it is tiring. There is a whole lot I don’t know about taking photographs!

See ya!