December 27, 2008

A marvelous creation.

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I make it no secret that I love mud puddles.  My first encounter with a mud puddle as a toddler was a vain attempt to bring the frozen icy tops deftly removed from the puddles outside, inside the house and keep them for later fun. I carefully wrapped them in a blanket and placed them under my little bed. But, alas to my grief they melted into a sad puddle that oozed out onto the hardwood floor. My three year old brain couldn’t understand that ice melts. 

I still can find lots of interest in a good puddle;  watching the moon reflect off its mirror surface  in the evenings, watching the swirls of milk chocolate mud swirl and mix with the clear water like a miniature weather front when a dog paw stirs the waters, watch the tiny daphnia spin and dance in the clear water of some special puddles–a whole microcosm in a pool, or tickle your eyes with the geometric shapes and curls of consolidated, dried mud.

Most of all, the greatest fun in a mud puddle comes after a night of icy transfomation. Whether it is a solid sheet with little bubbles frozen in the middle and a leaf stuck tight, or like this tiny puddle— crazy, beautiful, creative shapes and textures, all contained in no more than a few inches of crystalline H2O.  


Above is a star burst of icy beauty. Our temperature dropped to a chilly 23° that night!

Look at the close up, below, of the thin ice formations I believe area called ‘dendrites’. They were no more than about 1/2 inch long!


This puddle was no more than seven inches across, and the icy display melted as the morning sun topped the trees. Today, they are all dry.

What fleeting beauty, what a marvelous creation—water. 



April 24, 2008

Freaky frost freezes fantastic features

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It has been a dry spring here in Redding, California. I have had to start irrigating the pastures, already. I leave each of three stations on for eight hours or so, once a week. Last night came time for the east side of the pasture, the side that has the oak trees.

After another frigid 29° night, look what the sprinklers created for my enjoyment! 






 Notice the brown leaves on the branch. An earlier frost (around 25° or so) killed many emerging leaves from my trees.


The tip of a barbed wire barb makes a good drip point.

I sure hope these freezes are going to give way to warmer weather, very soon. But for now, we can revel in the beauty of the solid form of a lowly three atom molecule that impacts every aspect of our life. Water is the most fascinating creation next to light, as far as I am concerned.